I found myself going back and forth since I started with WordPress. I had so many thoughts in my head of what I wanted to write about and could not decide on which one to choose first. I also wanted to complete my site setup before starting to pour out my thoughts, however, I feel the need to strongly get my thoughts on paper (so to speak) so here I go.

I decided to speak about Christmas, of what it use to be and what it seems to be today. It is not only how I see it for myself but for many many people around me as well. I absolutely love Christmas time and the warm, cozy feeling I get around this time but times sure have changed!

When I was a child (oh so long ago), I remember not just Christmas but every major holiday was celebrated at my mom and dads. My mom would always cook and we would have family come over and it just simply was a peaceful, fun and loving time. The older I became it all just started to fade away. It had gotten to the point where we no longer gathered at my parents house and my mom would no longer be the cook. We would end up at one of my sisters homes to celebrate only two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am thankful for still being with family but by far my mom and dads home was the best!!

I have been living on my own for quite some time now and also have a family of my own but H. O. M. E. is always for me going to be my childhood home. Being an adult with my own family we would spend holidays with my in-laws also and that too has faded away. I just don’t understand what happened to everyone as the years went strolling on by. Where had our Christmas (and others) spirit have gone? I mean, don’t get me wrong I completely understand the financial struggles for many of us and that alone has ruined some of the spirit that use to exist. However, Christmas isn’t about the money, the gifts, how many people you have to buy for, it’s just not! Many of us make this the main focus of any holiday. For myself and my family we enjoy the joyous smiles of being with family, we enjoy the “giving” also but not the kind with a dollar amount on it.

A smile, hug, an “I don’t know you but I love you” goes much further than any dollar. I want my Christmas of many years ago back and I am determined to get it. I am to start with my home and my family first! Do you know that I wasn’t even going to decorate my tree this year? Though it isn’t about that either, I know but I just love to decorate anything but I just couldn’t find my spirit and then….

I felt my mother-n-law who has passed away in January of this year nudge me and say, “hey woman, make that my tree this year.” And so I did just that!  I am up for the challenge of getting family back together for the holidays. I will let you all know how that will go with upcoming holidays.


My Mother-In-Law’s Christmas Tree


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