Christmas Day was OK!

So I am a little late writing about how my Christmas actually went. The time spent sitting around the table with family, eating good gumbo, and sharing some much needed laughter is how my day went. It was awesome! Laughter is so good for the soul! I almost choked on my food a few times laughing at my dad. The time spent with my family on Christmas Day was much needed and though I showed up with no presents in hand my heart was full of love to give and I received it in return as well. We haven’t spent a holiday with all of us together like that in some time. I do wish my oldest son, granddaughter and wife could have been there. For me, they were the only missing links that day.

We arrived home around 5 that evening and my wife had already left for work. She is a police officer and a wonderful one at that. As the night went on I waited to see if my oldest son would have came by. Needless to say, he didn’t. I know they had arrived from Dallas early Christmas morning and had been visiting all throughout the day so I figured he was exhausted. I did however, text him saying that I had hoped to see him and my granddaughter before they leave. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have seen them being with all of the drama going on. He did text me back saying they wouldn’t come down and not see us! I knew in my heart at that moment that my son wouldn’t keep himself or my granddaughter away from me, “Thank you, Jesus!”

My godchild had came back home with myself and my youngest son Christmas Day. On the night of Christmas, the love continued in my heart as I watched my son and my godchild sit around the coffee table printing out pictures and coloring them. They were in their own little world while listening to music and clowning around. I joined in and colored with them and at 35 years old I felt so young at heart. It was an absolute amazing night as well as day for myself on Christmas.

As I go into 2018, I am making plans for Christmas of 2018 already. My determination for making it of what it use to be for myself as a child and what it truly is about is stronger than ever. I have plenty of time to make it how it should be. Right? I mean, I do have almost a whole year to get it right! I woke up this Christmas feeling sad and lost. How Christmas actually turned out was far from that! I wouldn’t change a thing of Christmas Day 2017!



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