A Mother’s Love

A few nights ago I was on my sister’s facebook page and I was browsing through her photos. I was more interested in looking at the older photos and the photos that I am sure I have looked over. You know, them silly embarrassing photos that people like to share with the world of yourself. I did in fact find a few of those of myself that my sister had posted. Anyhow, I also was very drawn to older photos of her and her daughter. As I looked at the pictures of my sister and my niece I just sat there in awe.

Many years ago my sister had received news that she had a very slim chance of having children. She actually was told she had a 75% chance of being able to conceive and at that point what it sounded like to her was she would never have a  child of her very own. There was in fact the possibility of her actually being able to conceive still but she wasn’t very hopeful. I love to believe that absolutely NOTHING is impossible. As long as you have the Lord in your heart and soul anything is possible.

Well, eleven years ago, what seemed impossible to my sister had become very possible. She had broke the news to us that she had a little miracle baby baking in the oven! We were so excited! I hugged her and my brother-in-law so tight as tears of joy rolled down my face. I had tears of joy because of the announced pregnancy and tears of sadness because my roll dog wouldn’t be hitting the roads with me anymore, lol! My middle sister and I were the two to always ride together. It was by far OKAY with me!

The man that helped to make this miracle happen was the man that actually changed my sister’s life for the better, the man that she has made her husband. Anyhow, thinking back of how my sister may not have been able to have a child of her own and seeing the type of mother she is today made me realize that God steps in at the perfect moments in our lives. He knew exactly what he was doing for it was already in the plans! My sister absolutely adores her daughter. The love she has for her little girl is breathtaking and so strong that in the photos I was looking at that love just jumps out at you.

My niece is so blessed to have a mommy like my sister as my sister is to have her. I am beyond happy to have taken the backseat as her daughter has become her roll dog and sidekick. Mind you my niece looks identical to my sister when she was a baby but acts just like her Aunt/Nanny Dee. That little girl is so dog on smart, super silly and loving beyond what words can describe. That is all thanks to this amazing bloodline we have! Lol! Oh, she is a little feisty like her momma too! I am so proud of my sister for being such an amazing mommy to my niece. She definitely wins #1 mommy in my book!

To all you ladies that may have experienced or are experiencing something of the same as what my sister had gone through…don’t you ever lose hope nor give up. I pray that you all simply see it as you just haven’t reached that chapter of your life yet that God has already written for you. Miracles definitely happen and my sister and niece are proof of that!

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