Finally I Speak

via Daily Prompt: Finally

I am a person who absolutely loves photography. I love even more so to edit the pictures and make them lovely. However, am I the only one who cringes when you see someone post a mirror selfie and the mirror is dirty? The mirror has so much toothpaste on it that I cannot even tell you exactly what I am looking at. This has been annoying for some time now and I am finally speaking on it.

When I see a mirror selfie and the mirror is dirty all I find myself doing is wanting to grab my rag and windex. Do you not see the toothpaste all over your mirror before posting your selfie? OMG, just talking about it now has me cringing.


..should be against the law. It should be a crime! I am finally getting this off of my chest and I am still so disturbed! Lol!

C’mon people can we finally get it together please?  Y’all are hurting my feelings!



Also me…


..when I see your toothpaste mirror selfie. The only good thing that comes from these type of photos is that it proves that you OR at least someone in that home brushes their teeth! Lol

Ok, I am finally done ranting about this! People, clean your mirrors please!

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