New Year’s Resolution – No Thanks!

So my wife just asked me what was my resolution for this year and I couldn’t help but to respond with, “nothing!” She then asked me so you don’t have anything to look forward to? Of course I do! However, I,  personally believe this New Year’s Resolution crap to be quite overrated. I have plenty to look forward to without it starting as…this year, my resolution will be…

I have 365 days to look forward to happiness, love, laughter, financial stability, healthy children/granddaughter, family togetherness, etc., etc. I do not need a new year to roll around in order for me to say I am going to lose weight this year. New year, new me! No thank you. I either am going to get healthy on my own or I won’t. A new year doesn’t define myself or anyone for that matter. It is simply up to you to be your own success of whatever you choose to put your mind to WITHOUT a start of a new year to determine it for you.

I do know it is a tradition and I do not knock anyone for sticking to tradition but I am my own unique individual that chooses to create my own path rather than follow in someone else’s. I am very strong minded and tend to share my very straight forward thoughts with many but that is all it is. My thoughts!

When my wife asked me about my resolution my brain instantly went to….ooh I can write about this! Lol!

Speaking of everyone’s “weight loss” resolution…


…No Thanks! My yummy salted caramel cookies just out of the oven! To eat healthier will become a part of my life of course…just not tonight!

New Year’s Resolution? Here’s an idea…

Screen Shot 01-01-18 at 08.05 PM

Happy New Year to you all


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