Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

As I stepped outside tonight, I look up at the sky and I have to say that I don’t remember when was the last time that I saw the sky full of stars. I wish I had a camera to catch the beauty. The entire sky is beautifully consumed by stars. Though it is still pretty cold out, it is worth to have a little frostbite just to see those amazing stars.

I couldn’t help but to think of my mother-in-law who passed away in January 2017. She was fabulous (crazy) but fabulous and was always shining bright like the stars. God how I miss her. Never take anyone, anything or any day for granted guys/gals. When my mother-in-law passed away, her and I weren’t on speaking terms. Today, I still live with the regret of being so stubborn then and not making things right between us. Before my wife and I ever met, her mom and I were really good friends. She was like a mom to me as well. So, she was definitely more than just my mother-in-law. I apologize often, I ask for forgiveness, I pray and I somehow live with that nagging regret. I know she is probably watching me type this post right now and if you knew my mother-in-law then you would know that she is definitely cussing me out right now! It’s ok though I’d rather have her here in spirit cussing me out then to not have her be with me from time-to-time.

Anyhow, I really just wanted to share that the stars are out and beautiful tonight (morning). To my mother-in-law (Serina), keep on shining bright honey!

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