So it started to get cold here late Monday night and OMG when Tuesday rolled around we really weren’t prepared for the cold that hit us then. We are southern Louisiana and geesh we are not equipped for this type of weather here. I know I can’t expect the world (mother nature) to always stay the same but oh my goodness! Excuse me Miss. Mother Nature…can you um…take a little nap for a second please and thank you!

It is now Friday and I am finally defrosted! Here in Louisiana we all are aware that we are not properly equipped (in every aspect) to handle the cold weather like we had recently. Or, so I thought!

For the life of me I will never understand the human brain..or, some human’s brains. We were told by our local news stations, and so forth that it is not safe to be out on the roadways due to dangerous icy conditions.

And here we have….


…some of the “smart” people. I do some crazy things too people so to a certain extent I understand. The feeling that you are so unstoppable and that not even ICE can stop you. WRONG!

I swear you cannot fix stupid!

If your roads are looking like this..


..mind you, this is all ICE! Stay off of the dog on roads when they tell you to. I love my state, I love all people from everywhere..and yes, even the ding dongs who show no common sense whatsoever. Some things I can understand but there are also some things that I will NEVER understand!


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