Wood Crafting | Amazing Find

Who doesn’t love crafting? Ok, some people may not but I DO! Check this wood cutting machine out HERE! I am a big time crafter and I just sat in awe watching this machine go to work. I cannot wait to try this! I just bought myself a reciprocating saw from Walmart and have yet to put it to use. I am currently in the middle of creating a shadow box and am in need of cutting the edges so of course I had to check out the saw section at Walmart. 🙂

When I receive my Smart Saw I may not have wood left around my house! If anyone gets one of these Smart Saws before me please let me know about your personal experience with it. If I get mine before hand I will update with a video. I wish I would have seen this a long time ago.

Check out my driftwood…


I mean, isn’t it absolutely beautiful?! My dad is a fisherman so he can easily get beautiful pieces like this while out in the bayou. This particular piece will be for my youngest son to hang in his room once I figure out just what to do with it.

I have multiple wood pieces that I have bought just waiting for the Smart Saw to leave its mark on it. I am so excited and cannot wait to try it out. I just wanted to share my findings with you all.

Have a great evening!



Mais lah! Y’all this is not a saw that you can actually buy. It is just a guide video! Bummer.

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