So, I am a huge pet lover. My absolute favorite pet is a cat. I have a house cat and at one vet visit I was told my baby girl was anti-social.

Um…no ma’am, she just doesn’t like stupid! Lol

My lil sweetie pie Jazz!


However, I have been taking care of these three female cats that are outside. It is the mom and her two daughters. They go between my neighbors home and mine. They are very healthy and so beautiful.


**Cropped the photo b/c there was a baby kitty in the picture that is deceased now and it makes me sad to see it**

Though I do indeed love cats I am about to choke one (in particular) male cat that I just recently started seeing come around this morning. He is a lil young buck and he is beautiful, mostly black with white markings. He almost looks like he has a tux on! But yes, since I seen him this morning he has been chasing all three of my girls outside. He does not let up either. The last that I did see of him, he was chasing the momma cat and I tried to scare him away but that DID NOT work. Y’all, he stopped and looked at me like, “yes, may I help you?” Then continued chasing her right under my house. He amazed me because he seriously was not bothered by me at all. That little turd.

We have a local animal clinic that specializes in spaying and neutering animals. It is called SpayNation. SpayNation will have three little girls visit them very soon. Them little boys won’t want to chase them then! šŸ˜‰ Little boogers!

I feel so bad for them, especially the momma cat because they really do not give her a break poor baby. And she is such a great little mommy!

One of the male cats that I would often see around is an older gray striped domestic. He looks like he has been around for hundreds of years, lol. He moves so slow. I see why he looks pooped though…it is time to stop chasing them females! Pooyi!

Have a great night everyone.


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