Ortho Visit

I brought my son to his orthodontist appointment this morning.. EARLY morning hazel-eyes-clipart-transparent-19 and I have to share the cutest thing I have seen while there. We have been there multiple times with my oldest son and now my youngest but I never really paid attention to my findings in the restroom. Yes! In the restroom!

Y’all…OH EM GEE…


Is this not the cutest thing ever?! I mean, who actually takes pictures of the restroom at an ortho office right? Or anywhere for that matter. Um,  woman-raising-hand ME! Lol!! To have the big people toilet and sink/counter and then a mini one right beside it is too dog on adorable.

I swear I love this place! The staff are amazing and the orthodontist is absolutely awesome! They think of everyone..love them ❤

Just a little something to share!

Have a great night!


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