Hello! I have named my site My Life – My Moments for the simple fact that I do not have just one particular subject I prefer over the other. I love to talk about just what my site name says…My Life and all moments in it — big or small! I, as an individual love to craft and not to toot my own horn but um…TOOT TOOT! I am pretty good at what I do. I absolutely love the rustic look so chances are that if I am crafting, it will turn out to be rustic if it isn’t already. People throw away so many items that are old, broken or that are just plain useless to them and I see that as treasure because all it needs is a little love and life breathed back into it.

I have many items that I have created and along the way I have had burnt fingertips, cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises due to the fact that I am that passionate about my creations. I put quite a lot of focus into my work! However, I am going on and on about crafting and I did say that my site will be about many topics. Lol! Sorry y’all!

So, just to touch on a few other topics..

I am a very protective mother of my children, my wife, my new granddaughter and just my family as a whole. That includes my cat and dog! 🙂 I love them dearly. As with every family, mine isn’t perfect and we do indeed have our share of ups and downs which we are in a down moment as of this very moment that I speak (type). Ugh, just thinking about it makes me catch a lump in my throat. Just a brief word on it, I am having some issues with my oldest son and his baby’s mother. My son is just acting in a way that is totally not himself and as for the baby momma, she is just downright disrespectful and at the moment has lost all respect from myself. It is so bad that I don’t even know if I will be able to see my granddaughter. 😦

Ok, moving on..

I did state that I am a wife! Well, I am and my spouse is also my wife! Wife & Wife for life!! Lol, I just had to! Anyhow, we are from a small town in Louisiana and we have had little experience of people being rude to us because we are two women. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have had stares and some rudeness (very little) but I really do not care. They do not live my life so if that’s what they choose to do is live in misery than to live their life happy then so be it. I will be happy regardless! This is just another part of My Life – My Moments you guys….and gals!

Once I really get going with my writing and really get my site on the map and where I want it to be, chuuuu y’all gon hear some stories! It will definitely be of some of what was spoken of up above and much more. I love to eat so guess what? You all will read about food too! I am a huge coffee drinker, I love to draw, sing, dance, (not much of a TV person) though my mom did turn me on to ID (Investigation Discovery) I am now addicted, I have a bit of OCD and I catch anxiety sometimes. Trust me my site name speaks for itself.

In the meantime, I look forward to reading a few blogs that aren’t my own and getting to know as much people that I possibly can. I have one follower (lol) it is ok though…however, the lady is from London and that alone just had me so excited. She spoke of minced pies in one of her blogs and I have never heard of that before in my life. Life and our world is really amazing and all of the people in it. We are all so different and yet so much alike! I can’t wait to read and learn A LOT! Thanks for reading!