It’s Been Too Long

I haven’t been putting my fingers to the buttons in a little while now. I cannot even say what I have been doing other than fighting back and leg pain. Anyhow, I see everyone is steady posting! I hope everyone is doing great on this Monday morning. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and boy I do not feel like going. I have been sleeping crazy and today I am tired.

If only I could get the doctor to come to me!!

Besides having a doctor visit today I plan on getting my hands on some crafting. I “plan” on it! However, will I actually have my brain on board with it..I am not so sure.

Ugh! I seem to be in a funk. I really am not. I’m just tired is all. Well, this is as boring as boring can get. I am going get ready to hit the road.

Happy Monday & Happy Posting 🙂

Ortho Visit

I brought my son to his orthodontist appointment this morning.. EARLY morning hazel-eyes-clipart-transparent-19 and I have to share the cutest thing I have seen while there. We have been there multiple times with my oldest son and now my youngest but I never really paid attention to my findings in the restroom. Yes! In the restroom!

Y’all…OH EM GEE…


Is this not the cutest thing ever?! I mean, who actually takes pictures of the restroom at an ortho office right? Or anywhere for that matter. Um,  woman-raising-hand ME! Lol!! To have the big people toilet and sink/counter and then a mini one right beside it is too dog on adorable.

I swear I love this place! The staff are amazing and the orthodontist is absolutely awesome! They think of them ❤

Just a little something to share!

Have a great night!



So, I am a huge pet lover. My absolute favorite pet is a cat. I have a house cat and at one vet visit I was told my baby girl was anti-social.

Um…no ma’am, she just doesn’t like stupid! Lol

My lil sweetie pie Jazz!


However, I have been taking care of these three female cats that are outside. It is the mom and her two daughters. They go between my neighbors home and mine. They are very healthy and so beautiful.


**Cropped the photo b/c there was a baby kitty in the picture that is deceased now and it makes me sad to see it**

Though I do indeed love cats I am about to choke one (in particular) male cat that I just recently started seeing come around this morning. He is a lil young buck and he is beautiful, mostly black with white markings. He almost looks like he has a tux on! But yes, since I seen him this morning he has been chasing all three of my girls outside. He does not let up either. The last that I did see of him, he was chasing the momma cat and I tried to scare him away but that DID NOT work. Y’all, he stopped and looked at me like, “yes, may I help you?” Then continued chasing her right under my house. He amazed me because he seriously was not bothered by me at all. That little turd.

We have a local animal clinic that specializes in spaying and neutering animals. It is called SpayNation. SpayNation will have three little girls visit them very soon. Them little boys won’t want to chase them then! 😉 Little boogers!

I feel so bad for them, especially the momma cat because they really do not give her a break poor baby. And she is such a great little mommy!

One of the male cats that I would often see around is an older gray striped domestic. He looks like he has been around for hundreds of years, lol. He moves so slow. I see why he looks pooped though…it is time to stop chasing them females! Pooyi!

Have a great night everyone.


Wood Crafting | Amazing Find

Who doesn’t love crafting? Ok, some people may not but I DO! Check this wood cutting machine out HERE! I am a big time crafter and I just sat in awe watching this machine go to work. I cannot wait to try this! I just bought myself a reciprocating saw from Walmart and have yet to put it to use. I am currently in the middle of creating a shadow box and am in need of cutting the edges so of course I had to check out the saw section at Walmart. 🙂

When I receive my Smart Saw I may not have wood left around my house! If anyone gets one of these Smart Saws before me please let me know about your personal experience with it. If I get mine before hand I will update with a video. I wish I would have seen this a long time ago.

Check out my driftwood…


I mean, isn’t it absolutely beautiful?! My dad is a fisherman so he can easily get beautiful pieces like this while out in the bayou. This particular piece will be for my youngest son to hang in his room once I figure out just what to do with it.

I have multiple wood pieces that I have bought just waiting for the Smart Saw to leave its mark on it. I am so excited and cannot wait to try it out. I just wanted to share my findings with you all.

Have a great evening!



Mais lah! Y’all this is not a saw that you can actually buy. It is just a guide video! Bummer.

A Little Lost

I feel so exhausted. Sometimes I just do not know if I am coming or going. I have been sleeping my butt off lately and I do not know why. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack. I can’t even begin to describe my stress level. I stress for myself and for everybody else. I worry too much. I worry about every little thing. The solution to this is…….

I am still trying to find one! The struggle is too real. OCD, anxiety, mind constantly moving and the body lately not so much :/ …pooyi!

What to do, what to do?


Helping Hand

I was informed tonight that in a city about 20 minutes from my home there is this man that is in need of a few things. This man was at a point in his life recently where his thoughts were dark. He was considering suicide. Thanks to a very wonderful and encouraging person in my life, my wife, for being the angel this man needed at that lowest part of his life.

At this dark time of his life he was homeless. Today, he has his own place, he has a job and most importantly he has his life. I admire my wife for who she is. She is truly a special human being.

If someone is in need and I am capable of lending that helping hand then that is exactly what I will do. It is what I am suppose to do! All my wife did was send me a list of a few items that this man needs and even before knowing his story I had already added his list to my notes. He doesn’t have much to his name still as he is just beginning his new journey and yet he doesn’t ask for much either. What he doesn’t know is that he will get much more than his few items on his list.

I do not know the struggle of being homeless and I am beyond thankful for that but of course not everyone has that same luck. I have had and still have my struggles but there is always someone out there who has it worse than you. When I complain of things as us humans naturally do I tend to try and lead my brain to thoughts of it could be worse. I may have a pipe under my house leaking again and I just feel like it is the end of the world while all the while someone doesn’t even have a home to have a leaky pipe.

I am far from being perfect and truly speaking if anyone expects perfection from me then they just as well keep it moving because you will not find it here. However, I can be the absolute best that I can be and helping someone in need is far more exciting and fulfilling than being “perfect” anyway.

We can be some selfish human beings at times (I raise my hand) because I definitely am guilty of it. I actually don’t feel that to be selfish at times to be a bad thing but whenever someone is in need and if you are in the position to help them out please take that opportunity to do so. The feeling you will get from that will be much greater and the blessings even more.

I can’t wait to extend my hand to this man and become someone that he can count on.

Everyone, no matter who you are, needs someone!

Happy Day Friends!


Early Bird

It is 6:11 in the morning and I am wide awake. I am sure it has something to do with sleeping ALL day yesterday. :/ Well, since I am up I decided to write and get donuts! I am not the only one up this early. My wife and son are also up only because they haven’t fallen asleep yet. Pooyi! I need to get this thing called sleep on track. I don’t know why exactly but I sure was tired all day yesterday.

I will put myself to work today since I have a really early start to my day. It’s not like I have nothing to do…I did just buy a dozen of glazed donuts. 🙂 Lol!


While I get started on my day, knocking at least three things off of my list right away…

#1 Donut

#2 Donut

#3 Donut

I hope each and everyone of you have an awesome day!

Stay blessed!